Research and Scholarship


Teaching and learning scholarship is fundamental to good teaching practice and to building and delivering a robust curriculum. The BIMHSE Research and Scholarship Programme is host to a vibrant community of health care professions educators who are interested in taking a scholarly approach to teaching and learning in their own practice and in bringing the same approach to the Faculty. The programme aims to stimulate interest and develop expertise in medical and health sciences education research and scholarship among learners and colleagues at all stages of their careers by providing opportunities and support to build a self-sustaining research community.


To support colleagues in developing scholarship in teaching and learning and skills in education-related research
To provide guidance to colleagues across the continuum of an education-related project from inception to grant proposal to dissemination.
To encourage and mentor undergraduate and postgraduate students conducting medical and health sciences education research
To cultivate strategic themes in health professions research and build research collaborations with local and overseas partners


Programme Director
Dr Julie Chen
Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care
Dr Polly Siu Ling Chan
School of Nursing
Dr Sarah Chan
BIMHSE and Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Denny Ma
School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Jian Yang
School of Biomedical Sciences