Pedagogy and Training


Pedagogy – The Science, Art and Craft of Teaching

Wisdom, compassion and commitment are core values of Medicine, and they are drivers of the medical and health sciences curricula. Pedagogy is the means by which the curriculum is delivered to achieve its goals. It also represents the path where learners and educators travel together, a journey that is enriched by intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm and passion. The Pedagogy and Training Programme of BIMHSE is committed to the professional development of 21st century health sciences and clinical educators. We strive to build a supportive community of educators who demonstrate not only expertise in their fields of profession, but also devotion to craftsmanship in teaching. We are determined to achieve the highest standards of teaching process and learning outcomes, by means of quality assurance and enhancement framework.


To cultivate a student-centered learning environment that fosters intellectual and personal development
To enhance process and outcome quality of teaching and learning by evidence-based quality improvement strategies
To implement longitudinal faculty development pathway to promote excellence in practice, educational leadership and management


Programme Director
Dr Pamela Lee
Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Ms Claudia Chan
School of Nursing
Dr Jessica Chu
School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr David Lam
Department of Medicine
Dr Nai Sum Wong
School of Biomedical Sciences
Prof Doris Yu
School of Nursing