Innovation and Collaboration


Curricula in health sciences education must continue to evolve so that students will be equipped to embrace the ever and rapidly changing needs and landscape of the healthcare. It is imperative that educationalists break down artificial silos and draw on the strengths of other disciplines to widen the visions of our learners in order that they be able to spawn creative solutions to tackle existing as well as novel challenges of the future. The BIMHSE Innovation and Collaboration Programme aim to create a culture and roadmaps that fosters exchange of ideas and incorporation of innovative approaches that enhance the learner’s experience.


To provide guidance and assistance to staff in embracing Faculty teaching and learning initiatives
To experiment with technological developments and to evaluate according to advances in cognitive sciences in order to incorporate new methods into teaching and assessment
To engage colleagues to develop interdisciplinary networks that will broaden educational opportunities for students
To engage and partner with industry, sister institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations for creating opportunities to train our students in unison
Realising these objectives could create an ecosystem for the exchange of ideas across different disciplines and stimulate new teaching and learning approaches


Programme Director
Dr Gordon Wong
Department of Anaesthesiology
Dr Tom Cecot
School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Esther Chan
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy
Ms Jody Chu
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy
Dr Masayo Kotaka
School of Biomedical Sciences